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Opportunity Knocks Services respects the privacy of our customers. We have included their comments without compromising their identity to protect their privacy. Contact information is available to prospective clients who request references. If you are considering a campaign with OPK and you would like to speak to some of our happy clients, please ask your sales representative for a list of references to contact and he or she will be happy to provide one.

  • I hired OPK to contact the decision-maker of CPA firms in my geographical area and introduce them to my financial service, a very specific tax application. The target group, CPA firms, is difficult to penetrate to the decision- maker and my highly specialized service is difficult to describe in just a few moments of introduction by phone. OPK callers showed their professional skills and conversational approach while mastering the two challenges listed above, which resulted in new opportunities and leads for me. My goal for OPK was to set up a phone appointment for me with the decision- maker or to get their permission to email them my introductory materials with follow-up by phone later. OPK exceeded my expectations!

    I highly recommend OPK to those of you who need a call center whose professionalism, personal touch, perseverance, and ability to assimilate your specialized service as if it is their own are high in your marketing needs.

    Chris Strayve - CSSI :: August 2011
  • Recently, our company hired OPK to call into hospitals to speak with Lactation consultants in order to generate leads for our product. OPK has sent us high quality leads which have resulted in potential customers requesting samples for review, which was the ultimate goal of the calling campaign. We are very pleased with the results of our pilot program, and as a result, we have renewed for more hours. OPK callers are very professional and they do a great job of following up with each and every lead, they have been able to reach many consultants who are normally very hard to get on the telephone. We have also been very happy with OPK's response time and the detailed reports they provide.

    We would definitely recommend OPK Telemarketing to other companies based on the great experience we have had with them!

    Julia Bright - National Accounts Manager, Boppy :: May 2011
  • “To Whom It May Concern,

    Recently my company decided to hire OPK to call on old accounts that we had not done business for over one year.  We provided them with a list of 2500 accounts with phone numbers .  We worked together to have a script that their people used to ask specific questions regarding our former accounts.

    We were extremely happy with the initial results of how many of our old customers wanted to hear from our sales force. Others wanted info and catalogs to renew doing business again.  There were a number that were out of business and others that stopped for several reasons.  This first wave took about 2-3 weeks . There were many that could not be reached.  On OPK recommendation we signed on for another contract and added more accounts who required for us to call them.

    The investments for the two sessions has paid off many times over . We now are back with former accounts and continue to sell and grow our business. I would recommend OPK for the results but also for their great reports and professional manner in which they worked with my company.”

    Michael DiMotta – President, Imperial International :: November 2010
  • “To whom in may concern:

    Having worked with a telemarketing provider before, OPK has far exceeded our expectations. Their philosophy to read around the script, and to connect with the customer, makes OPK unique and very effective. They communicate with you religiously, so you have a constant pulse of how your campaign performs. Moreover, their rates are very competitive. With the quality of their services, and their prices, you will certainly get the best value for your dollar.”

    Kind Regards,
    Neal T. – IE Solutions Software Company :: November 2010
  • “It's been my pleasure to work with Kelly Willmott and the team at OPK for the last several months. From our first phone conversation, I was impressed with their flexibility, ability to build something to fit my needs and willingness to talk me through the potential pitfalls in a telemarketing campaign. When the campaigns actually started, Kelly and her team were kind enough to spend a great deal of time with us on the phone figuring out and tweaking our script so that it actually drove the kind of results that we were looking for. Moreover, the callers were professional, willing to take feedback and open to suggestions. In fact, I was so impressed with how willing they were to take some hard feedback and their desire to improve that I began trusting them with more complex and far reaching campaigns. But, at the end of the day, it's all about the results. OPK was able to provide us some excellent leads to companies like The Walt Disney Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, DirecTV, Doubletree and others that led to some great conversations. OPK has been a valuable partner and I've been extremely pleased with their service.”
    A. Parker – Director of Marketing and Communications :: October 2010
  • “I have used Opportunity Knocks, Inc. for my Outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits company. Our services are not easy to sell as we must prove our value and are not a quick transactional sale. We are very happy with the amount of activity they generated. While we are tied up getting our internal systems, sales process, and people in place it is an extraordinary asset to have someone producing opportunities. Whether it is a potential customer interested in an e-mail, a decision maker willing to have a phone call, or face to face appointment; all these activities lead to new business and more revenue. Thanks OPK.”
    Josh H. – HRnovations :: September 2010
  • “OPK's personal project consultant and their professional system kept our company's campaign in motion and on track. It was nice to know that when internally we got caught up in the day to day we had an outsourced partner gathering the market research we needed to make the right decisions.”
    Heather B. – Datasat Digital Entertainment (Formerly DTS Digital Cinema) :: August 2010
  • “OPK marketing provides excellent services. The managers are dedicated and results driven! I’m looking forward to continue our relationship and expecting to setup more appointments.”
    Jack W. – Domino Comp. :: August 2010
  • "I used Opportunity Knocks Telemarketing to generate leads for my accounting practice.  I used their services for approximately two months.  OPK generated leads which have to date resulted in significant annual new business.  In addition I have several other leads which if converted may result in additional annual revenues.    Potential clients responded favorably to the telemarketing techniques employed by OPK stating they did not feel pressured and the callers exhibited a professional demeanor.  I have been well satisfied with my OPK experience and I am available for confirmation of this reference."
    R. Randolph, CPA – accounting/cpa appointment setting
  • "I have been very pleased with the level of support I have received from OPK. My project manager was very professional and her personal interest in the success of the project was astounding. The callers were well trained and performed as part of my company. As we continue to grow I look forward to employing the services of OPK in the future."  
    T. Scott, coupons and advertising, appointment setting
  • "We conducted a trial run with a few telemarketing companies, and OPK blew their competition out of the water. Not only did OPK produce over twice the number of appointments, they provided the best customer service hands down. I can depend on them to meet our special campaign needs and deliver quality appointments. OPK continues to surpass my expectations of a telemarketing company."
    C. King
    Marketing Specialist
    Industrial Compressor Wholesaler, appointment setting
  • “When we want to do another telemarketing campaign we will certainly remember the service we received from OPK."
    C.B. Billingsley – Medical/IT, appointment setting
  • “OPK has been a valuable partner to us the last couple of years. Their outbound data verification has been fast, efficient and dependable. They have adapted to our systems and made a positive difference in the quality of our data.”
    Ben F.  Publishing company, database maintenance and cleansing
  • “The team at Opportunity Knocks was vital to the launch of my new business. They performed beautifully and kept me busy with leads. It was a comfort to know that while I was on appointments, I could count on new leads when I returned home. The customers that were contacted by OPK mentioned the professional and yet polite nature of the callers. The entire process is seamless and appears to the potential customer that we are all one company. Which is exactly they way I want it to appear. This is clearly one of the better decisions I’ve made to help the business grow.”
    Gary M, Printing and advertising , lead generation
  • “Our service and product offerings in SAP Product Lifecycle Management are very specialized and complex. OPK quickly mastered our selling points and delivered a persuasive message. Their skill and methodical campaign approach uncovered numerous key decision-makers in targeted accounts. If you are looking for a solution to ongoing generation of quality leads, I strongly suggest working with OPK.”
    M. Duka, Consulting Services SAP PLM and NPDI Solutions, appointment setting
  • "OPK has consistently exceeded our expectations. They are extremely professional, efficient and effective. They have performed campaigns for us both reaching out to inactive accounts and increasing business with existing accounts. In every campaign, we have been more than pleased with the results and look forward to working with OPK in the future.”
    Brian P – Fortune 100 company, Medical , lead generation
  • "OPK has been an excellent resource for our company. They have exceeded our expectations with the number of leads and appointments they've provided. We have been very pleased with how responsive their Project Manager has been to addressing all of our needs and projects. OPK has been a wonderful extension of our team!”
    Lisa K, IT industry event registration
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