Appointment Setting

Opportunity Knocks Services’s experienced appointment setting team will keep your sales force in front of potential customers by setting highly qualified appointments with key decision makers.  We clearly understand how valuable your time is, which is why we will only send you on qualified appointments with decision makers who are interested in your products or services.  We won’t send you out on a client visit just to “drop off information”  OPK will set a valid meeting at a pre determined time.  We offer two types of appointment setting programs:

Pay Per Appointment
Opportunity Knocks Services is one of the few telemarketing companies that offer pay per lead programs.  While OPK can usually provide you with a pay per appointment quote based on the type of industry, we do ask that you start with an hourly based test /pilot program so that we can establish benchmarks for future pay per lead pricing.  Our test programs are reasonably priced and help to ensure that you will be getting the best value for your long term program moving forward.

Pricing is dependent upon factors such as industry, decision makers and level of difficulty. 

A qualified appointment is an appointment with a decision maker or someone who is involved with the decision making process who is interested in your product or service.  If the appointment is not qualified, we will replace it for free.

With per appointment pricing plans, you only receive the appointment. Reporting and additional detail are not included.

The benefit to pay per appointment programs is that you are guaranteed a specific number of qualified appointments. When OPK says qualified, we really do mean qualified.  We will work with you to ensure that you receive appointments with prospects who have expressed an interest in speaking further with you about your products and services. 

Since results and appointments are guaranteed with this campaign structure, our Pay Per Appointment programs do not include the added benefits and features such as email follow up, free lists, and reporting.  However, these services can be purchased for an additional fee.

Note: We do require you to first engage in a 100 hour pilot program so that we can determine an accurate per appointment fee for our services.  Once we have first done a 100 hour test, we will then provide you with a price per appointment.

Hourly pricing
While some customers prefer the pay per appointment programs, they often don’t realize how much valuable information they are missing out on by choosing performance based models.  By selecting an hourly price plan, you will not only receive qualified appointments, but you will also receive weekly reports detailing all calls made, updated decision maker information including things like email addresses, and warm leads that are in our sales funnel / pipeline.   You will receive detailed notes about all of the conversations we have had with potential prospects during the course of your campaign. This information can be very valuable to your marketing efforts.  For example, if you own an insurance agency, as a part of our call program, we can document when each person’s current policy expires so that you can contact them just before  their policy renews. 

You receive all of the valuable information we collect, and we can customize the program to obtain any additional information you might need to help you market your products and services. 

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